Dick Epema

Full Professor of Distributed Systems of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) of Delft University of Technology


  • For more recent news than on this page, please see the homepage of the Distributed Systems Group.

  • We won the SCALE Challenge at the CCGrid 2014 conference with the contribution "V for Vicissitude: The Challenge of Scaling Complex Big Data Workflows" on analyzing BitTorrent monitoring data with co-authors Bogdan Ghit, Mihai Capota, Tim Hegeman, Jan Hidders, and Alexandru iosup. Here is the related BTWorld website with a video explaining our solution.
  • We received the best-paper award in the Area of Distributed Systems of the ACM Symp. on Applied Computing 2014 for our paper "Hiding User Content Interest while Preserving P2P Performance" with co-authors Riccardo Petrocco, Mihai Capota, and Johan Pouwelse.
  • Our paper "Balanced Resource Allocations across Multiple Dynamic MapReduce Clusters," with co-authors Bogdan Ghit, Nehiz Yigitbasi, and Alex Iosup, has been accepted at Sigmetrics 2014.
  • We received the best-paper award at MASCOTS 2013 for the paper "Towards Machine Learning-Based Autotuning of MapReduce" with co-authors Nezih Yigitbasi, Ted Willke, and Guangdeng Liao, all of Intel Labs, USA. 
  • Here (on pages 16 and 17) is an article on the DAS-4 from the EEMCS Faculty Magazine Quadraad of August 2011.

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