Main research interests

  • Distributed systems: design, operation and performance analysis
  • Resource management and scheduling in distributed computing systems: grids, clusters, clouds, datacenters
  • Cooperative Systems: modeling and analysis, trust and reputation mechanisms, blockchain

Current PhD students

  • Vincent van Beek (scheduling business-critical workloads in clouds, with Alexandru Iosup)
  • Alexey Ilyushkin (workflow scheduling in clusters, with Alexandru Iosup)
  • Aleksandra Kuzmanovska (scheduling frameworks in clusters)
  • Quinten Stokkink (with Johan Pouwelse)
  • Martijn de Vos (with Johan Pouwelse)

Previous PhD students

Research highlights

  • Condor Flocking
  • Decay-usage scheduling in multiprocessors
  • Processor co-allocation in multicluster systems
  • Measuring and analyzing grid and cloud workloads
  • Balancing resources among frameworks in datacenters
  • 2Fast: Collaborative downloading in BitTorrent
  • Measuring and modeling swarm-based P2P systems
  • Reputation systems in online social networks



Program Committee member for


Dr.Ir. D.H.J.Epema