Main teaching interests

  • Distributed systems
  • Distributed algorithms
  • Cloud Computing

Master's courses

Seminar Cloud Computing (IN4392)

This course is a mix of a rather practical introduction to many aspects of cloud computing and of training in academic skills such as presenting, paper reviewing and report writing. It consists of 7 lectures on different aspects of cloud computing such as datacenters and energy efficiency, resource management, and programming models, of presentations and paper reviewing, of small lab exercises, and of a large lab exercise in which a cloud application has to be designed, implemented, and tested.

For TU Delft students, more information is available on Blackboard.

Distributed Algorithms (IN4150)

In this course, basic distributed algorithms are treated for such problems as synchronization, causal message ordering, deadlock, mutual exclusion, election, minimum-weight spanning trees, fault tolerance, consensus, and stabilization.

For TUD students, more information is available on Blackboard.

PhD course

Advanced Blockchain Engineering (ASCI course A27)

with Johan Pouwelse, Quinten Stokkink, Martijn de Vos (all TU Delft), and Marc Makkes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

April 23-25, 2018


  1. Consensus in Distributed Systems
  2. Impossibility of Consensus in Asynchronous Distributed Systems
  3. State Machine Replication
  4. Stabilization


Some previous MSc students and MSc theses

Dr.Ir. D.H.J.Epema