My research interests include embedded systems design, computer architecture and micro-architecture, reconfigurable computing, hardware/ software co-design, VLSI design, and computer systems testing. Currently my research is on dynamic techniques to manage contemporary distributed memory systems for custom computing systems and heterogeneous multicores, application specific acceleration, and low overhead reliability techniques. All the above topics are in the context of the expected technology trends in the future when the quality of the available transistors is deteriorating while their quantity on a single chip keeps scaling up. These trends combined with the severe power dissipation constraints require novel, holistic hardware-software approaches and place new challenges to computer systems designers. A possible oversimplification of the problem is how to transform the available transistor quantity into affordable quality in respect to power dissipation per unit area and drastically reduce the required data center space. Needless to say that minimizing data movements at all system levels is a key to achieve the above goal. Getting serous about the data in rest and in processing is a key.

Georgi Gaydadjiev