PhD students:

  • Zhijiang Chang
  • Bogdan Spinean
  • Ghazaleh Nazarian

PhD Alumni/ae:

Current MSc students:

  • Jun He
  • Panagiotis Afratis
  • Robert van Spijk
  • Gerard Aalberts

MSc Alumni/ae:

  1. Jing Cao, Power Efficient Digital Correlator in the scope of an UWB baseband design, October 2012
  2. S. Geursen, Reordering DRAM Requests for Improved Bandwidth Utilization, Jan 2012
  3. Y Okmen, SIMD Floating Point Extensions for Ray Tracing, November 2011
  4. V. Viswanathan, Hardware Support for Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, Sept 2011A.
  5. Nandy, System Level Support for Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration, Sept 2011
  6. A. Jalaludeen, Multi-input Embedded Real-time Software Defined Radio, August 2011
  7. G. Cincerin, Free viewpoint 3D TV rendering platform, August 2011
  8. M. Beekema, Fault-Tolerant Platform for Intra-Spacecraft Modular Wireless Sensor Network, June 2011
  9. D. Siskos, A Co-processor for a Secure Implantable Medical Device, March 2011
  10. S. Keyser, Modular RT-Motion USB, February 2011
  11. A. Brandon, General Purpose Computing with Reconfigurable Acceleration, October 
  12. D.P Riemens, Exploring suitable Adder Designs for Biomedical Implants, October 2010A.
  13. Abi Khaled, Congestion Management with Feedback Queue, September 2010
  14. A Piplani, Stereoscopic Remote Vision System, August 2010
  15. S Tzilis, Fine-Grain Runtime Fault Diagnosis for Reconfigurable Logic Blocks, June 
  16. D. Stafylarakis, Security in RFID systems, May 2010
  17. A. Noroozi, Evaluation Methodology and Systematic Selection of Microcontrollers for Delfi-n3Xt Nanosatellite, May 2010
  18. D. Dave, Automated Implant Processor Design, May 2010
  19. M Berkhoff, Analysis and Implementation of the H.264 CABAC entropy decoding engine, 
March 2010
  20. E Gabdulkhakov, Performance analysis of SCISM organization applied to the IA-32 architecture, January 2010
  21. M. Abikhaled, Code Integrity Check targeted on RISC, September 2009
  22. M. Roumi, Implementing Texture Feature Extraction Algorithms on FPGA, August 2009
  23. N.E. Cornejo, Fault Detection for the Delfi Nanosatellite Programme, July 2009 (summa 
cum laude)
  24. D. Hartanto, Reliable Ground Segment Data Handling System for Delfi-n3Xt Satellite Mission, pp. 207, Delft, The Netherlands, July 2009
  25. G. Stefanakis, Design and Implementation of a Range Trie for Address Lookup, July 
2009 (summa cum laude)
  26. F. Lemmel, The Brandaris128 Camera, June 2009
  27. R. de Smet, Range Trie Heuristics for Variable-Size Address Region Lookup, May 2009
  28. E. J. Houtgast, Scalability of Bioinformatics Applications for Multicore Architectures, 
November 2009
  29. K. Chandrasekar, Performance Validation of Networks on Chip, November 2009
  30. A. Arelakis, Efficient Pre-filtering Techniques for Packet Inspection, December 2008
  31. D. Zhu, Profiling Symmetric Encryption Algorithms for Implantable Medical Devices, 
December 2008
  32. U. Batool, Moving Critical Operations to Hardware Accelerators in Bioinformatic Applications, (visiting MSc student from University of Karlsruhe), December 2008
  33. A van den Berg, Automation of wrapper design for the reuse of a bus, network-on-chip, or other functional interconnect as test access mechanism in a chip, November 2007
  34. S. Umrani, Communication-centric Debugging of Systems on Chip using Networks on Chip, August 2007
  35. J. Hofman, Speeding up MPEG-4 colorspace conversion, April 2007
  36. CB Ciobanu, Customizing Vector Instruction Set Architectures, April 2007
  37. B. Spinean, Design Considerations For High Performance Vector Microarchitecture, April 2007
  38. P. Ren, Wrapper design for the reuse of a NoC or other functional interconnect as test infrastructure, December 2006
  39. N.T. Quach, Real-time Sky-detection Implementation, September 2006
  40. J. H. Bonarius, Low Power Techniques for Computer Architectures, August 2006
  41. M. Imran, Using COTS components in space applications, August 2006
  42. F. J. Bouwens, Power and Performance Optimization for ADRES, August 2006
  43. C. Strydis, Implantable microelectronic devices, (summa cum laude), July 2005
  44. D. Vermoen, Reverse engineering of Java Card applets using power analysis, June 2006
  45. B.G.C. de Ruijsscher, FPGA based accelerator for real-time skin segmentation, June 
  46. V. van Adrighem, Tiny Linux kernel for minimalistic embedded systems, April 2006
  47. H. J. Visser, Minimalistic Platform for Linux Enabled Embedded Systems, April 2006
  48. G. de Goede, Accelerating the XviD IDCT on DAMP, (summa cum laude), January 2005
  49. M. P. Mul, PDP8 meets USB, August 2004
  50. R. Ashruf, The AES targeted on the MOLEN processor, July 2004
  51. J.A. van der Wijdeven, The Delfi-1 Command and Data Handling System, (co- advised 
with Wim Jongkind from L&R) July 2004
  52. J. van de Pol, USB-enabled PDP8 computer, June 2004
  53. J. Van der Vegt, Simulator-based exploration of the memory hierarchy for data dominated applications, May 2004
  54. W. Zwart, TR-DAMP: Testing and redesigning the Delft Altera-based Multimedia Platform, October 2004
  55. J. Eilers, DAMP: Design of the Delft Altera-based Multimedia Platform, October 2004
  56. D. Bao Linh, Vectorization of Digital Filters for CVP, July 2003
Georgi Gaydadjiev