Research Projects on Social Gaming Systems


Hundreds of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) entertain over 250,000,000 online gamers in a maturing global market of over 7 billion Euros. In the Netherlands, gaming revenues exceed those of the film industry since 2007. To maintain competitiveness in games played over the Internet, Dutch studios (employing 1,500 developers) rely on innovation and advanced analysis of gamer profiles. Read more...


The EIT EU Europa project aims to deliver a flagship system building project. The envisioned system is based on the Stratosphere system at TU Berlin. The system extends the Stratosphere in two respects: The PACT compiler (Stratosphere's optimizer) is extended to cope with more complex data, and Nephele (Stratosphere's execution engine) is extended in order to cope with streaming data and elasticity requirements. Read more...


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