Big Data Processing

In the area of Big Data Processing, the focus of the DS group is on the design, implementation, analysis, and benchmarking big-data processing systems. Specific research topics are:

  • Designing and analyzing big-data processing systems

We have designed and analyzed of the BTWorld MapReduce-based workflow for analyzing monitoring data of the world-wide BitTorrent P2P system. With this work, we won the SCALE challenge at the CCGrid 2014 conference:

Bogdan Ghit, Mihai Capota, Tim Hegeman, Jan Hidders, Dick Epema, and Alexandru Iosup, "V for Vicissitude: The Challenge of Scaling Complex Big Data Workflows," CCGrid 2014.

  • Large-scale graph processing

 We are in the process of designing and implementing the Graphalytics graph processing benchmarking in collaboration with Intel Labs and Oracle.

  • Large-scale privacy-preserving video distribution

 Here is a video explaining our research.

Selected Publications on Big Data Processing

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  • Y. Zhao, C. Lofi and C. Hauff (2017). Scalable Mind-Wandering Detection for MOOCs: A Webcam-Based Approach. In European Conf. on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL), Tallinn, Estonia. [ Bibtex ]
  • S. Mesbah, K. Fragkeskos, C. Lofi, A. Bozzon, G-J. Houben (2017). Facet Embeddings for Explorative Analytics in Digital Libraries. In Int. Conf. on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL), Thessaloniki, Greece,. [ Bibtex ]
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