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MSc course set Blockchain Technology

Starting in the academic year 2017-2018, the Sections Cybersecurity and Distributed Systems will teach a set of three MSc courses on Blockchain Technology. Students who successfully complete this set of courses will obtain a certificate signed by the teachers of the three courses. In this set of courses students will learn about the technology of the blockchain, they will get hands-on experience with programming blockchains, and they will learn about the cryptographic techniques and the consensus algorithms behind the blockchain. It will give students the opportunity to become experts in an exciting new technology!

The three courses are:

  • Security and Cryptography (IN4191), Q1, teacher: Zeki Erkin
  • Distributed Algorithms (IN4150), Q2, teacher: Dick Epema
  • Blockchain Engineering (CS4160), Q2, teacher: Johan Pouwelse

The first course starts on Monday, September 11, at 10:45 h.

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