Masters Projects

This page contains information about doing an MSc project in the Distributed Systems (DS) group, as a part of the MSc programs Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Embedded Systems.

The MSc coordinator of the DS group is J.A. Pouwelse. If you intend to do an MSc project in the DS group, please contact him at the start of your master's program to have your list of courses approved. In addition, you should contact him two to three months before you plan to start your master's project.

General information on doing an MSc in Computer Science,  Computer Engineering, or Embedded Systems and the forms for having your list of courses approved are available on the web site of the Faculty EEMCS.

Here is a presentation about MSc projects in the DS group of September 2017.

The topics of MSc projects in the DS group are in the areas of:

Currently available MSc topics are:

  1. Reputation Systems in Online Communities
  2. Development of a Workflow Engine on Hadoop at ORTEC
  3. Het Opzetten van een Lambda-architectuur bij Bigdata Republic

MSc projects in the DS group can be done internally, in a research project of the group, or externally, in an institute or a company. We hold regular meetings with MSc students, PhD students and staff members in which everybody reports on his/her progress.

Previous MSc Theses in the DS Group

The MSc theses of students in the DS group can be found in the TU Delft Institutional Repository. For example, search in this repository for the name "Lipu Fei". The names of previous MSc students can be found on the main DS webpage. Here is a list of selected previous MSc theses.

Sources of material for MSc projects in the DS group

Both can be accessed freely from within the TU Delft domain.

  • A useful reference for giving a presentation about your literature study or your master's project is Ian Parberry's Speaker's Guide. Although its focus is on talks in the area of theoretical computer science, it is much more widely applicable.
  • A useful reference for writing a report about your research assignment or your master's project is

    W. Strunk and E.B. White, The Elements of Style, 4th edition, Allyn & Bacon, ISBN 020530902X, 2000.

    There are many books on writing, but this is a classic (and very compact and cheap). Another option is G. Blake and R.W. Bly, The Elements of Technical Writing, Macmillan, ISBN 0-02-013085-6, 1993.
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