MSc Projects in Parallel Programming and High-Performance Computing

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I have removed my list of open projects as I am no longer frequently enough at the university to supervise. If you are interested in a MSc projects in Parallel Programming and/or HPC, please talk to prof. Henk Sips.


The coordinator for MSc projects in the PDS group is Dick Epema. Have a look at the PDS groups's MSc projects page for some general info and links to projects in related topics.

Project Start and Graduation Requirements

Note: You must have completed all mandatory courses before starting a MSc project, and more importantly, the thesis defense cannot take place before all other grades are with the educational student office. Before the defense, the office will inform prof. Sips, so make sure you have completed all other courses in time!
After passing the defense, submit your thesis to the thesis repository of the TUD library in time, that is, at least 5 working days before the next exam committee meeting.

Schedule and Planning

A MSc project stands for 45 ECTS (possibly preceded by a research assignment of 15 ECTS). These 45 ECTS correspond to roughly 9 months of work. This may slip a bit, after all, it is a large project on a new topic rather than an overly tried out exercise (most courses). If you are eager for a good result and/or grade, rather than just receiving your degree, or you still need to complete a course, it may take longer to finish as well.

Any project in this group will contain a large experimental part: programming, testing, and measuring various performance-related metrics. Typically, a student will analyze existing application(s) behavior, come up with ways to better execute/distribute processing, or to adapt existing solutions to a new problem, or to generalize some solutions, then implement some of those ideas, analyze the results, and deliver a report (thesis). This leads us to the following generic schedule (not every item applies to every project):
It is highly encouraged to write down your plans, what you did, why something (did not) work(s), etc in intermediate reports/notes. We will also steer towards delivering an intermediate report of 5 to 10 pages (.pdf) about half-way, such that not all the writing is left until the (bitter) end. This often improves thesis quality and decreases time line overshoot. It also pleases the upper echelon :) (depending on the content...).
You are hereby encouraged to write your thesis using Latex, possibly using this template.
Provide the final, printed thesis to each member of the defense committee at least one full week ahead of the defense.

Two-student Projects

Most projects listed are intended for one student. We are willing to create/extend projects for (at most) two students who would really like to cooperate. Such a project will be based on something listed with some common foundation, such that cooperation allows to accomplish more than two students working separately. However, it will also contain a personal part to focus on for each student. Having a personal (sub-)topic will be good when a future employer asks you about your MSc project, allows some grade differentiation, and provides a safe-guard for one of the students in case the other needs to pause/stall/quit.

Cooperation with the Computer-Engineering group

We are very willing to cooperate MSc project set-up and supervision with CE members. This makes sense especially for CS projects near the "boundary" (energy-aware software, low-level optimizations, compiler back-end), or CE projects on hardware/software co-design and/or if a larger software demonstrator is desired. The project can have a CS or a CE focus. This can also be a two-student project.


For external projects at a company, parts of the thesis and produced/provided source code may be considered confidential. If this is the case for your project, please discuss the consequences with your company advisor(s). The most common solution is to write a public thesis with confidential appendices. And to apply that split early on. Then only the exam committee and company will receive all public and confidential thesis parts. The university requires that a copy of the final (public) thesis is submitted to the on-line thesis repository.

Projects in Progress

Completed Projects

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